Robyn Londergan

Robyn Londergan

Season 4
6th Place

Player Bio

Robyn Londergan


Retail Analyst for Pepsi Beverages Company


Yes, husband named Gene

Adam - 12 years old

Other Hobbies:
Cribbage, Backgammon, Reading, Cross-Stitch, and watching TV

Favorite Player:
Jason Mercier

How long have you played poker:
8 years

What EPT Regions do you play:
Southern Mass and Charity

Best Finish:
6th at TV table

Have you Played in the EPT TOC before? If so, which one:
Yes, Feb 24, 2009 (is where I qualified for TV event). I've played in just about every one since

When and where did you win your seat into EPT 30K:

Biggest Tourney Played In:
Foxwoods WPT / Foxwoods Poker Classic

Biggest Cash Win:
$5400 Foxwoods Poker Classic Ladies Event March 2009

Biggest Poker Influence:
Would have to be Chris Moneymaker, as his win, influenced me to want to go out and learn to play

Why should audience cheer you on at final table
I am solid player, and enjoy every aspect of the game

If you win will you take money or seat:
I will take the seat every time! I figure if I can outlast the field of EPT players to make it to the tv table, and win the table, then I might as well take the once in a lifetime shot of playing in the big game.

Why would you want to play in WSOP?
It is a chance of a lifetime, and if successful could change my life

If you could support a life playing poker would you quit your day job today:
I'd say yes, but I believe my husband would think otherwise....