About Eastern Poker TV

Eastern Poker, LLC is a media and entertainment company engaged in providing players a fun and exciting way of giving added value to playing live poker tournaments. By partnering with local taverns, poker rooms, casinos, and charities we are able to give players participating in our tournaments the added benefit to compete on television for exposure across millions of homes in the northeast region while competing for a minimum of $30,000, a championship where you truly EARN your right to play.

Whether you have the bankroll to participate in casino and/or charity poker events or you are just looking to enjoy poker without the risk with a lot more rewards, we have a tournament for you!


The televised EASTERN POKER CHAMPIONSHIP is held every 6 months for all players fortunate enough to simply have won any one of our “sanctioned events” held in restaurants, pubs, poker rooms, and casinos across New England or have finished in the top 10% in points after a 6 month season.

Players who have advanced through one of the two criteria are invited to play for a minimum of $30,000 in front of 5 Million Homes on the same station as our beloved Boston Celtics, Comcast Sportsnet New England (CSNE.com).


Using state sweepstakes law as our guideline, the Eastern Poker Tour pub tournaments were created in May of 2005 as a fun and exciting poker tournaments to highlight all the positives of poker without the gamble. Players participating in our pub events still get to enjoy the competition, entertainment, fun social values, and the thrill of winning tournament poker without the financial risk!

EPT Pub Tournaments are not gambling. You are never asked to place a bet or risk money on a poker tournament or game. People who come into the venue are usually asked by the venue to purchase a dinner buffet (usually $15) in order to participate. This ensures that all participants are in fact customers and justifies the space and cost needed for running a quality tournament.

We spare no expense to make sure tournaments are held with casino quality equipment (tables, chips, and plastic cards) and managed by a floor manager trained in the rules provided by the EPT and the TDA (Tournament Directors Association) to assure tournament operations and rulings are in line with most major poker events in the world. As these pub events are considered free tournaments, there will be no dealers; players rotate turns dealing in a clockwise manner. Click here to download official tournament rules.

Although these tournaments are free-entry tournaments, there is up to $850- in nightly prizes and in total there is over $500,000 in prizes annually. Nightly Champion every 6 months advances to the television tournament and competes for a $30,000- payout in which first place is a WSOP Main Event Package worth $12,000. Regular players can also compete for points and play in $1,200 monthly free-rolls as well as another shot for $30K. Click on the What Do I Win Page for complete prize breakdowns.


If higher stakes is what you are looking for, take a look at the upcoming charity events. With buy-ins ranging from $75 - $250 and typical payouts ranging from 60 – 80% there is plenty of action and money to be won for even the most seasoned poker player. The added bonus is your participation benefits some amazing local Massachusetts charities. Come join us by going “all in for a great cause!”

The Eastern Poker Tour provides charities with casino quality equipment and strict guidelines on providing quality charity poker tournaments for players who are looking for a local place to compete for large nightly payouts in exchange for a charitable donation. The proceeds of all tournaments go towards local non-profits helping you make a difference in the community.

As an extra value to the players participating in these Charity Tournaments, we give permission to charities to give out a champions seat into our $30,000- Televised Championships for nightly winners and top points players each season.


Registration is mandatory to participate in any EPT Sanctioned event. You can sign up at any event or online. Click here to skip the process during registration, sign up for your free EPT account online today!

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